Brooklyn (CT) Youth Soccer, Inc.

Board of Directors


July 27, 2020

Dear Members:

            It is with deep regret that I report to you that the Board has decided that Brooklyn Youth Soccer will NOT have a 2020 fall season. We do not take this decision lightly and, although the Board’s vote was unanimous, not one of us decided this without severe reservations. While this notification might seem early to some, we would normally have already completed registration and begun the process of ordering equipment and uniforms, so the final decision had to be made now.  Further, Brooklyn Youth Soccer is not alone in this decision. One of our sister leagues has also voted to cancel their fall 2020 season and another has reported they will likely follow suit.

      There were many factors involved, not the least of which were the extensive CJSA and local protocols we would have been required to implement and the insufficient number of people who responded to our survey that they would be willing to volunteer to provide the additional help we would have needed. Our Board had indicated the need for additional help and that the fall would likely be the last season for all of us, and the additional responsibilities and time imposed by the Covid-19 return to play protocols has only served to enhance those issues. Some of the protocols required to pass through the CJSA return to “full play” included documentation of a field plan where there was no overlapping of teams on practice spaces, enforced social distancing of parents on sidelines, spacing of practice and game locations and times so that all persons from one group could exit Prince Hill before the next group entered, and no sharing of equipment (including balls) during practice sessions. Those of you who have had any experience at all in our league know that the practice and game logistics alone would have been an impossible task for us to meet. The above should not be taken as a complaint about the CJSA or local return to play requirements, just an explanation of the fact that we do not see the reasonable possibility that Brooklyn Youth Soccer would have the resources to meet all of them. 

       Some of you may be wondering about the possibility of the totally “in-house” season mentioned in our survey. While we needed to consider even the most extreme options to try to salvage a season, the true practicalities of an in-house league was not a real one, once our typical numbers are considered. None of our age groups except the micros have had more than three (3) teams in their group in the 7 years I have been president (14 total fall/spring seasons). The 8U and 10U groups typically have 1- 3 teams, 12U typically has one team each, and we have not had more than one 14/15U co-ed team that I can remember.

         In the end, we took into account the benefits of pushing forward with a season of recreational soccer versus the potential risk that any one of our members’ children might get sick, or worse. While that potential might be relatively minute, we ultimately did not deem the risk worthwhile, even assuming we were able to meet the return to play protocols. Information on the college and professional sports that have already returned to play has provided us with insight to the fact that, even with enormous resources and the best protocols in place, athletes continue to get sick. There was also a recent announcement by the executive director of the CIAC that the start of 2020 fall high school sports in Connecticut will likely be delayed until sometime in mid-September or early October.

         When (if) Brooklyn Youth Soccer is to return in the spring 2021, it will need a completely new Board. Please consider using this free time to decide whether you would like to volunteer to become involved in running the league your children are involved in. If nothing else, this break can provide an opportunity for those willing to learn the ins-and-outs of running the league, ordering equipment, registrations, sponsorships, ect. This will not be the last message on this issue, but if a new BYS Board cannot be put into place reasonably in advance of the spring 2021 season, we would likely have to consider the undesirable option of BYS and its members being absorbed into one of the other local leagues.  As I have said in the past, if you have any interest or questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Finally, to avoid any possible confusion, all funds we currently held in your accounts from the cancelled spring 2020 season will be refunded.


John M. Newson, BYS President

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  1. “RESPONSIBLE PARTY”: COACHES are responsible for themselves, their players AND their spectators;
  2. EXCEPT FOR making substitutions, indicating on field emergencies and direct responses to a referee, no COACH or SPECTATOR shall directly address a referee of do anything that conveys criticism of a referee;
  3. FIRST OFFENSE: The official will warn the coach and/or direct the coach to warn the involved spectator;
  4. ADDITIONAL OFFNESES: An offending Coach will be DISMISSED from the match / Refere will stop match and inform coach that the offending spectator must LEAVE the field and surrounding area immediately
  5. FAILURE TO COMPLY will result in the match being abandoned!!!!