Brooklyn (CT) Youth Soccer, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do I need to live in Brooklyn for my children to play in the league?
NO!! There is no residency requirement for rec soccer. A child can play rec soccer in any town they find convenient. We accept children from all surrounding communities.

2.What does it cost to play?
The fee structure for all age levels is $50 for one child, $95 for two, and a maximum of $115 for three or more children from the same family.

3.When is the season? / What time of year do we play?
Recreational soccer has two seasons in Connecticut, spring and fall. Each season lasts approximately 10 weeks from the opening of practices to the final games. Spring season practices usually begin about the second week of April and the final game is usually about the 3rd Saturday of June (no games Memorial Day weekend). Fall season practices usually begin about the last full week of August and ends on the first Saturday in November (no games Columbus Day weekend).

4.What are the ages of kids that can play?
Rec soccer is available for kids 4 through 14 years old in both fall and spring. We also have soccer for kids 15-18 years old, but only in the spring season due to the conflict with high school soccer. A child must turn 4 on or before May 31st to play in the spring season and on or before October 31st in to play in the fall. These are “hard” cutoff dates. We are sorry, but there are no exceptions!

5.What age group is my child? How are age groups determined?
Rec soccer team are generally grouped into two (2) year age brackets – Micros (4-6yo), 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U (coed), and 18U (coed). The “soccer year” begins with the fall season and ends with the spring. Per US Youth Soccer rules, a child’s appropriate age group is determined the age s/he will be in the calendar year of the spring season of that “soccer year.” So, for example, a child born anytime in 2009 signing up to play in the fall 2018 or spring 2019 spring season will be considered a 10 year old (the age the child will be in 2019), whereas that same child signing up in the fall of 2019 would be considered an 11 year old (the age s/he will be in the year of the 2020 spring season). Rules absolutely prohibit a child from playing below their appropriate age group.

6.I am interested in coaching/volunteering, what do I need to do? / Do I need any special experience of license?
All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and a willingness to volunteer!! Although some of our coaches have a soccer background, there is no formal training or licensing required. We do provide some basic coaching resources and help you get started, and, when the opportunity arises, we also try to provide information on training or coaching clinics. There is also the ability to learn from each other. Anyone interested in coaching or volunteering in any way with the children must complete the Coach-Volunteer registration process. You can do this by completing the online Coach-Volunteer registration process. You can also register in person during one of the in-person registration periods we hold before each season. All interested volunteers should also review the Coach-Volunteer Code of Conduct Form. All coaches and volunteers will be subject to a criminal background check through the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association ("CJSA"). Coaches will be notified at the appropriate time how to complete this process.

7.What do I need to do to register my child?
You can either register online here or download, mail-in a completed Player Registration Form, or register in person during one of our open registration periods. Our open registration periods are posted on our website, sent blast email to all members, and advertised in the Turnpike Buyer. If your child is new to BYS, you will also need to submit a copy of their birth certificate. Each family should also review the Player-Parent Code of Conduct. The required forms can be found on the Documents page of this website in the Registration Documents folder.

8.What Equipment/Clothing Does My Child Need?
Shin guards: mandatory for every child during every practice and game.
Cleats: Although soccer cleats are not mandatory, THEY ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and, in all honesty, necessary. The grass can often be wet and slippery, especially during morning games, and some age groups will play and practice in inclement weather.
Clothing: anything seasonably appropriate that you do not mind your child getting a little dirty or grass stained will do for practices. A game jersey will be provided as part of your registration fee. Balls, Practice Equipment: Nothing!! Coaches are provided with soccer balls and other equipment necessary for practice, so there is no need for anyone to purchase or bring their own gear.

9.What, if any, equipment or clothing is prohibited?
No metal, sharp objects or studs of any kind, including jewelry, may be worn on the body, clothing or shoes. Exceptions can be made for appropriate medical ID bracelets and the like, HOWEVER, game officials have absolute discretion to require any player to remove any object that the official, in their sole discretion, believes may create a safety hazard. Special note for players with long hair: Long hair in the face and eyes that prevents a clear view of the soccer ball can present a serious safety hazard. This a point of emphasis for CJSA, BYS and soccer officials. Therefore, all players with hair long enough to get into their face and eyes MUST have their hair held back by an appropriate hair tie, headband, braid, ponytail, or other similar means.

10.What time are practices? How many times a week? What nights?
Teams will generally practice twice per week for approximately 1 hour, give or take, depending on the age of the team. The days of the week practices are to be held are left up to the individual coaches, since they are all volunteers with varying schedules. Although the times may vary, most coaches begin practice at 5:30pm.

11.Is my child covered by insurance in case of injury?
BYS does have medical insurance through its affiliation with the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) that covers any properly registered participant who suffers an injury during a BYS soccer related activity. The coverage provided by the CJSA is considered secondary to any private or State medical coverage you may have, if any, so claims must be submitted through that insurance first. Notwithstanding, ANY medical treatment for an injury related to a BYS activity should be reported immediately to your child's coach so the appropriate procedures to notify the insurance carrier can be instituted.

12.We have a conflict with the practice nights/times. Can my child be on a team with a different schedule?
Although we understand the issues created by the numerous activities in our lives these days, and do our best to accommodate our member's needs, we cannot guarantee any specific requests. First, the Board often creates team rosters before we find out what days a coach is going to practice. Even if we know those practice nights in advance, they sometimes change due to the coach's personal schedule. Since our coaches are volunteers, we allow them to choose the practice nights that best fit their personal schedules. Additionally, even assuming there is another team of the same age group that could accommodate your family’s needs, we usually need to swap player-for-player in order to keep proper team balance, which means YOUR PROBLEM MAY BECOME ANOTHER FAMILY'S! In short, with anywhere between 150 - 200 kids per season, we simply cannot guarantee the ability to accommodate any specific scheduling requests.

13.I live near/carpool/am friends with a particular family/coach, so can my child be on the same team?
MICROS: With our micro players (under 6 years old), taking team numbers into account, we will always attempt to accommodate the request to keep players on the same teams as a friend or a particular coach in order to make their first soccer experience enjoyable.

ALL OTHER AGE GROUPS: For all other age groups, however, we are generally unable to accommodate such requests!! First, assuming there is more than one team in a particular age group, we make every effort to create rosters that are evenly weighted according to player numbers and skill level, a practice mandated by the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA). So, an obvious reason that we cannot accommodate this request is because, in the most egregious circumstances, it can be used to "stack" teams, and BYS could face possible fines if the CJSA believes there is insufficient turnover in our team rosters. Also, frankly, the idea of recreational sports is to provide children with the opportunity to meet and work with new people so that they can learn sportsmanship and teamwork, and always being on a team with people you live near and already play with daily does not necessarily promote those goals in the most beneficial way. (NOTE: Siblings and step-siblings in the same age group and living in the same household will always be placed on the same team, unless otherwise requested.)

14.Where and when are the games played?
With rare exceptions, such as games that must be rescheduled, all games are played on Saturdays. All micro games (4-6 years old) are played at Prince Hill Field. All other age groups play home games at Prince Hill and away games at fields located in Killingly, Putnam, Plainfield, Griswold and Canterbury. Directions to the various fields can be found on the Soccer Fields page of this website.

15.What time are the games, and how long do they last? (Updated 8/14/2017)

Micros: Games played at 10:00am. All games are played at Prince Hill Field. Play is 4 v. 4 NO GOALIE. Teams play two (2) 20 minute games each weekend (10 minute halves with about a 5 minute halftime); No referees

8-Under: Games played at 1:30pm. Play is 6 v. 6 NO GOALIE. Games are 48 minutes (12 minute quarters w/“running clock” – i.e., no stoppages for anything other than legitimate on field injuries.

10-Under: Games played at 10:45am. Play is 7 v. 7 (including goalie). Games are 60 minutes (30 minute halves). Referees officiate and control substitutions.

12-Under: Games played at 9:00am, unless otherwise noted (NECONN schedules some Friday and Saturday home games). Play is 9 v. 9 (including goalie). Games are 70 minutes (35 minute halves); Referees officiate games and control substitutions.

14-Under: Games played at 12:30pm, unless otherwise noted. Play is 11v11 (including goalie). Games are 80 minutes (new fall 2016) (40 minute halves). Referees officiate game and control substitutions.

18-Under: (Spring Only): Games played at 3:00pm, unless otherwise noted. Play is 11v11 (including goalie). Games are 90 minutes (45 minute halves). Referees officiate games and control substitutions.

16.My child is an exceptional soccer player, can s/he move up to an older age group?
Any request to have a player "play up" from their age appropriate group (i.e., a 7 year old playing in the 10-U division with kids between 8 and 10) needs to be presented to the Board. Members of the Board will make contact with the child's past and/or present coach to get their assessment of the player's skills AND one or more members of the Board will directly observe the player in a game or practice situation. The entire Board will then address the matter and approve or deny the request based on the overall best interests of the player, his/her overall soccer skill level, age, size and maturity. No matter what (OK, maybe the reincarnation of David Beckham shows up in a BYS uniform!!), no child may move up more than one age division above the player's age appropriate group! Generally, if you really believe your child is in need of an additional challenge that recreational soccer cannot provide, you may want to consider having him/her tryout for a competitive travel soccer team, such as Q.V.S.A. United.

17.We are interested in competitive travel soccer. Which league (QVSA or Killingly) can we play in?
NOTE: BROOKLYN YOUTH SOCCER DIRECTLY SUPPORTS AND RECOMMENDS only Q.V.S.A. UNITED SOCCER, however, under CJSA rules, children from Brooklyn can tryout for either league, or both, if they choose. HOWEVER, a child can NOT be registered with more than one competitive travel league at a time. Therefore, if your child is offered a roster spot in with both leagues (regardless of age level), you will have to choose one league or the other.
NOTE: If you send in payment to either league, you are not "saving" your roster spot, you are accepting that spot and will NOT be able to roster with the other league without a release from the league to whom you paid the money. Therefore, when in doubt, wait to make the decision before you pay.

(Updated 11/15/2018)