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FEBRUARY 20, 2021


    This email it to notify you that the Brooklyn Youth Soccer, Inc. Board of Directors has formally accepted an invitation to merge into the NECONN soccer group beginning with the immediately upcoming spring 2021 season.  Attached is a welcome letter from NECONN with som additional explanations. Despite lengthy efforts, we were not able to find a group of people able to step into the roles of the current members of the Board of Directors.  We know the great majority of our members want a local soccer option to continue here in Brooklyn, and we believe this decision will provide the best outcome for all involved.  This merger WILL NOT remove soccer from Brooklyn fields, it will only consolidate the day-to-day management with several other towns in the northeast operating under the NECONN umbrella - Killingly, Thompson, Putnam, Woodstock and Pomfret.  Brooklyn teams will continue to practice in Brooklyn, the equipment and nets will stay at Prince Hill, and games will continue to be played there.

   As the enclosed welcome letter co-drafted by myself and John Peters of NECONN indicates, there will be some minor changes from what some of you may be used to.  For instance, NECONN uses a scheduling system where all of the games for a particular age group are played at one field location.  Therefore, for instance, instead of multiple 12U games beginning at 9:00am at various "home" and "away" locations, the all 12U games may be scheduled at Owen Tarr in times slots at 9am, 10:30, 12:00pm and the 8U games might all be scheduled to begin at 1:00pm on another field (our last full season, those games were held at Killingly Intermediate School).  Our fields at Prince Hill will now be added into that scheduling matrix. You should be aware that NECONN also runs their micro (6 and under) as a Saturday clinic without weekly practices or assigned coaches.  Their system has actually been the growing trend for some time, but we continued to use our coaching and Saturday 2-mini game system because it was working for us.

  The cost for NECONN will be only slightly different at $55 and they charge a separate one-time uniform fee of $15 or $20.  The family keeps the uniform and can continue to reuse it for future seasons.  We will be exchanging pertinent information on our uniforms and the NECONN equipment manager is going make an effort to find the same or similar item (their vendor is different) so that Brooklyn parents who already have uniforms may have the option to decline purchasing one the first time they register.  There may be some other small changes, but please do not let those discourage you from the most imprtant thing - getting the kids back on the fields.  NECONN, just like Brooklyn, has a group of people volunteering their time trying to make the best decision they can so the kids can go out and have a good safe time playing soccer.

      I still need ONE volunteer from the Brooklyn parent ranks to agree to serve as the Brooklyn representative on the NECONN board. In addition to their standard Board, NECONN has one dedicated representative from each town in the group.  I will agreed to remain around as a "silent" co-reprsentative through the end of this season to walk the Brooklyn repthrough the process of setting up teams and and practice times, and working with the NECONN equipment manager to get equipment out and the fields setup.  Please reach out to me directly via email so we can discuss loigistics and so I can pass your information on to NECONN.

   I want to thank all of our families for working so hard with us to continuously improve Brooklyn Youth Soccer since I became president in the spring of 2013.  I think the organization is in a much better place than it was then and, as a direct result, our interactions and play with the leagues has also greatly improved.  Leagues like ours do not survive, let alone run well, without a source of parents willing to volunteer their time to coach and manage teams.  Some of you (the Anderson, Dumas, Duval, Curran, Thayer, Bulmers, and Kirkconnell, to name a few) seem to have volunteered to coach a team at some level every spring and fall season for my 7+ years as president.  As a personal example, Eric Anderson coached my daughter's first micro team 11 years ago and has continued to coach almost every fall and spring season since!  The experiences familes have with you "every season" regulars is one major reason the kids keep coming back.

   We also need to thank Bucky and JoAnn and the rest of the staff at the Brooklyn Parks and Rec Department. Simply put, there has not been a single request we have made during my time as president that they have not tried to make happen. It's not a cliche to say that they have alwasy bent over backwards to try to help the league out.  They have become personal friends and have been fantastic partners to our league.

     Finally, I have to thank my fellow board members, Melissa Nichols, Jason Chviek, Julie Burgess, (Charlie and Lynne Cooper before they moved away), and "emeritus" board member/field grunt, Angela Chviek (never formally voted in, but unofficially took over co-lead of our Friday night paint crew, and shows with Jason EVERY TIME we have work do at the fields and is usually there closing it down with us!!).  My name was on all the communications and I was the person people mostly directed their concerns to, but I know how much work you all put in season-after-season, year-after-year, and how that work could get in the way of regular family life, especially when ramping up to the start of a season. Even after all of our own children aged out or moved onto other activities, you all continued to put in the same level of dedication so other people's kids could continue to enjoy the same quality ours enjoyed.  Together, we have taken this organization as far as we can.  Thank you is all I can offer, although it seems to fall short of what you all deserve.

Thank you all, again,

John Newson, BYS President

NOTE: Please direct specific questions about NECONN registration to John Peters @ or visit:

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  1. “RESPONSIBLE PARTY”: COACHES are responsible for themselves, their players AND their spectators;
  2. EXCEPT FOR making substitutions, indicating on field emergencies and direct responses to a referee, no COACH or SPECTATOR shall directly address a referee of do anything that conveys criticism of a referee;
  3. FIRST OFFENSE: The official will warn the coach and/or direct the coach to warn the involved spectator;
  4. ADDITIONAL OFFNESES: An offending Coach will be DISMISSED from the match / Refere will stop match and inform coach that the offending spectator must LEAVE the field and surrounding area immediately
  5. FAILURE TO COMPLY will result in the match being abandoned!!!!